About Me

I first picked up a golf club while still at school, learning the game with my grandfather’s 1967 Jack Nicklaus set of golf clubs, woods were made of wood then and the bladed irons did not have a very large sweetspot.

http://www.AmateurGolfNet.co.uk was setup in 1999 and I have kept a diary of my golfing adventures ever since, you see some people have collections of various types of objects, I collect golf courses.

People get enjoyment from golf in different ways, competition amongst friends or trying to master the game but for some it is the diverse and beautiful locations where the courses are set. Most sports are set in similar venues, a cricket or football pitch, a tennis or basketball court but having played hundreds of golf courses around the country it still surprises me to find another to add to my list of favourites.

This feeling of discovery is probably what keeps my love of the game alive, trying to find that next outstanding course or great experience.


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  1. It’s great to know that you pursue your passion for the sport….such an exciting game….it’s also a perfect way to be one with yourself and just relax.

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